TechForce Innovations (TFI) advances R&D and international projects through successfully applying for funding and supports its clients and partners with project management services.

Company profile

For almost 30 years, we are a partner to many organizations in setting up and managing projects, and successful applying for subsidies, credits and governmental contracts. Most of the time, the main goal is not project funding itself, which is merely a means to realize innovative solutions and economic development. To meet these objectives, we are involved in all stages of the project, to make sure that the project has maximum impact on three levels:

  • To provide great added value to our clients and partners by making transparent the project’s opportunities, risks and performance indicators;
  • To stimulate interest for the project with funding schemes and institutions to financially contribute;
  • To contribute to sustainable development with care for society and environment during project execution and after project implementation.

In addition to our partnership, TFI greatly values quality, integrity and ambition. In order to achieve optimal results, TFI invest in our relations with clients, partners and funding programs, to jointly explore and utilize project opportunities. We endorse the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as reflected in our CSR policy.


We have two main lines of services:

  • Project funding: TFI is well informed and knowledgeable on the funding programs and regulations on regional, national and international level. When we find a match between project initiatives and programs, TFI will handle the entire funding application process in close consultation with clients and partners. TechForce transforms the project activities and resources, which are eligible for the funding scheme, into clear, sound and promising project proposals.
  • Project management: TFI is offering support during project development, implementation and settlement. Through our project-minded experience, our project consultants are managing all aspects, monitor the progress and inform project partners and funding institutions. Our clients benefit from our expertise and services, while they keep focus on project execution.

TechForce Innovations provides services to companies, knowledge institutes and NGOs in various sectors. TFI operates for parties who are active in the following sectors: High Tech systems, Information Technology, Maritime and Offshore, Water Management, Agrifood, Precision agriculture, Mechanical engineering, Creative industry, Chemical industry, Life Sciences & Health and Renewable Energy.

The road from idea to successful product development is complex and full of risks. TFI helps companies in the process of funding and project administrative support, so our clients keep focused on their R&D activities.


TechForce Innovations (TFI) is specialized in applying innovation funding, subsidies and credits, and providing support functions to R&D project teams. TFI is doing so for a large number of leading tech companies and knowledge institutes in the Netherlands. Our strength lays in our expertise of the latest funding programs combined with our technological knowledge and experience in successfully supporting R&D projects.

Our consultants will immerse themselves in your strategies, markets and technologies and at the same time keep well informed about funding schemes at regional, national and international level. By informing you timely and constructively, we ensure that you can exploit the optimal financial opportunities that the programs are offering.

We do not only help in applying for grants, TFI also guides clients through the technical and administrative aspects of innovation. As an Innovation-broker TFI also advises companies on new business cases and assists in finding new technology-partners and investors. Based on this thorough structural approach, projects that are guided by us score well. This results in a high success rate and low overhead for our clients.

As an example, in the project e-OPTIMA, TFI has provided its broad range of innovation services for a regional collaborative project in the agri&food sector.

Innovation funding programs

For almost all of our clients we apply for Dutch tax allowance schemes such as WBSO and Innovation box. Improved utilization of these schemes is possible, because our consultants comprehend your innovation opportunities and know how to put these into clear project proposals and R&D strategies. Obviously, a transparent administration and accountability will be required, for which TFI offers guidance and support. The below provides a selection of programs we have experience with:

  • SME Innovation Top Sectors (MIT): this scheme stimulates SME companies working together on the development of new technology for specific sectors in the Netherlands.
  • Eurostars: European SME companies are eligible to request subsidy for high-quality, international, market oriented R&D projects.
  • Innovation funds SME+: government issued loans to help Dutch high tech starters bridging the phase between idea and product development and loans for high-risk market oriented development projects by Dutch technology companies.
  • Horizon 2020: Europe’s leading innovation program for stimulating excellent innovation projects that are carried out by an European consortium with parties from different European countries.
  • EIA/MIA: Dutch companies can apply for a tax reduction for investments made in assets that have less impact on the environment or consume less energy than traditional assets.
  • Top sectors: there are nine designated ‘Top Sectors’ in the Netherlands, each with its own innovation strategy that define action plans, funding schemes and agreements to strengthen the leading Dutch industries. Within the Top Sectors new schemes are announced that stimulate innovation.

Entrepreneurs see growth opportunities in emerging markets and developing countries, where local circumstances demand new approaches and solutions. TFI offers companies support or optionally itself willing to take the lead.


TechForce Innovations (TFI) has assisted many entrepreneurs in realizing their plans in emerging markets and developing countries, often by obtaining financial support from institutions, but also with guidance towards knowledge and partners to implement projects in the countries concerned in the most efficient and effective way.

Our consultants build on your plans and initiatives, and work with you on strategies to reduce risks and overcome obstacles. Whether it comes to exporting to a new market , setting up a new plant abroad or carrying out a specific project in a developing country. Our integrated approach leads to a complete overview of the opportunities and risks at hand, which can be used during and after project implementation to effectively control these.

TFI also acts as coordinator of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) , which offer integrated solutions to problems in developing countries. TFI acts as a neutral project manager that monitors the progress and quality of project implementation, disseminate the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, and takes care of overall project management, financial administration and control, and reports directly to public and private funders of the project.

Funding programs and projects

Below is an overview of some of our ongoing international projects and programs:

  • Infrastructure programs: these schemes focus on the development, implementation and exploitation of public infrastructure projects in developing countries. The project “Rehabilitation water management infrastructure Bhola”, focuses on the development and implementation of new infrastructure to protect against flooding on the island of Bhola in Bangladesh. In the project "Coastal protection at Gn. Fuvahmulah" solutions are developed to prevent further erosion of one of the largest islands in the Maldives.
  • Public Private Partnership facilities (PPP): these schemes focus on improving water security, water safety, food security and private sector development in developing countries. the project "Sugar: make it work" is carried out by a consortium led by TFI and is aimed at improving sugarcane production in Rwanda by both agronomical and water related interventions.
  • Water sector programs: these schemes provide support to the Dutch water sector to realize their international objectives in the field of water. At present there are PvW projects in China and South Africa.
  • Private sector developments: these schemes focus on supporting innovative investment projects in developing countries. Current projects include the creation of new enterprises in Angola and Bangladesh.
  • Export promotion: these programs are aimed at demonstrating a new product or conduct a feasibility study in upcoming markets and developing countries. Ongoing projects include the demonstration of Dutch simulation technology in Malaysia and investigating the feasibility of wind energy technology in Ukraine.